02 Feb Learn more about wine during February series

Learn about the art and fun of drinking wine with ‘Wines One’ series and host Tom Uhler.

The series will take place Feb. 2, 9 and 23 at 6 p.m., at the Community House, in the Founder’s Room. Wines One’s first session on Feb. 2 will be a lesson about the basics for folks new to the world of wine.  “As long as you have any interest in wine and food, we’ll provide you with three evenings of education and fun,” said Uhler.

Tom Uhler

Uhler is the founder of the first wine store in Lee County. His wisdom and glib sense of humor make him the perfect host for Wines One. As guests move through the series they will find that Uhler is a wealth of wine information. He also promotes himself as an “anti-snob” who aims to make the love of wine palatable (pun intended) for those of all education levels.

While Uhler provides a generous baseline of information, his humor and irreverent style will speak to those that already have spent a number of years enjoying wine. His teaching style welcomes questions and comments while also slipping in a good amount of comedy into the discussion. As the series progresses, guests will learn more about their newfound appreciation of wine while pairing the wines with foods that complement them. Alternative diet options are available upon request for guests.

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