NEW! Sanibel Delivery service will be open for business June 6th!

Sanibel IS paradise. But something was missing! And now, David Queisser, Owner of Sanibel Delivery, has added the missing piece. A long time visitor and a resident now for 5 years, David has worked in the service industry throughout his career. Most recently, during his time working at the Sanibel Grill as Manager and Bartender, he had the opportunity to hear from many people, both visitors and local residents (including his Aunt) –  as to whether there was any interest in a delivery service that would not only pick up/deliver food orders from local restaurants, but pretty much take care of almost any type of delivery needed, i.e., prescriptions, grocery/convenience store items, pet food and supplies, legal documents, run bank errands, pick up flowers, take packages to and from the post office or shipping store, get ice and drinks, etc. And, as you can imagine, the resounding response was YES! So today, June 5th is the ribbon cutting of Sanibel Delivery which will be held at the Sanibel Grill located at 703 Tarpon Bay Road, Sanibel. It starts at 5:00pm with ribbon cutting at 5:30pm. There will be food and refreshments for anyone who attends, so come help celebrate this much needed service to Sanibel and wish David all the best with his new Sanibel business!

For more information regarding Sanibel Delivery or to schedule a delivery, call or text David at 239-308-5353 or email him at Sanibel Delivery operates Tuesday through Sunday from 10:30am to 8:30pm. Note that Sanibel Delivery does not service Captiva, nor west of Clam Bayou Lane/Pine Tree Drive. You can also visit Sanibel Delivery at – Like, Follow and Share!

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