Sea Turtle Nesting Season is Here on Sanibel and Captiva

It’s Sea Turtle nesting season which began April 15th and will to through October and it’s off to a big start! So far, 2 nests have been identified – one for a Loggerhead and one for a Leatherback. SCCF as well as their volunteers are checking the beaches for nests and when found, will cordon them off for nests safety. Even though our beaches are currently closed and there are very few people on the beach, these precious little creatures need to be protected until they can safely hatch and make it to the Gulf. The SCCF prepared a Sea Turtle Tips & Suggestions List for you to follow so no Sea Turtles are harmed. These creatures are part of the beauty and life cycle on our Islands, so please respect them and follow the Tips & Suggestions.

  1. Turn off or shield all lights that are visible from the beach. Do not use flashlights or cell phone lights on the beach. If necessary, use amber or red LED bulbs.
  2. Remove all beach furniture and equipment from the beach at night.
  3. Dispose of fishing line properly to avoid wildlife entanglement.
  4. Fill in large holes that can trap hatchlings and nesting sea turtles.
  5. Do not disturb nesting turtles – please do not get too close, shine lights on or take flash photos of nesting sea turtles.
  6. Pick up litter.

To contact SCCF Sea Turtle Hotline if you see something concerning, please call 978-728-3663.

For more information click on the SCCF link below.

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