Crisis Management for the Pandemic and Beyond – Authored by Anne Sweeney

We’re all doing the best we can with what we’ve been handed by COVID-19, whether it’s trying to keep a business running or keeping things running smoothly at home. There have been some bright spots and thinking positively and doing what we can to make a bad situation better, is a healthy way to deal with something that is pretty much not in our control. However, there ARE some things that we CAN control or at least push in the right direction. And if you have the knowledge and a guideline to help, all the better. The link below to the article entitled, “Crisis Management for the Pandemic and Beyond”, is a good read and has some very helpful guidelines. The info was written with businesses in mind; however, these guidelines can also be adjusted so they can help with our everyday life during this COVID-19 pandemic. Basically, it’s called having a plan and working with it – something we in SW Florida have had to do through hurricanes and other types of disasters – natural and otherwise. It’s being prepared as best we can and making sure we have the knowledge to get us through.

Anne Sweeney is a communications consultant and writer based in South Brunswick. Her experience in crisis management was forged in the corporate communications department of Pan American World Airways, where she handled the airline’s media response to such issues as aircraft accidents, an airport bombing, fiscal crises, political issues, coups, and evacuation flights rescuing Americans in war zones. She can be reached at


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