Welcome Back to Our Beautiful Island

Remember to give thanks that our islands were spared by Hurricane Irma

Irma is GONE and the clean-up is underway! Everyone is working extremely hard to get our island back to the beautiful paradise it is! A HUGE thank you to everyone assisting to get things going again!

Our Mayor, Kevin Ruane, has asked that every Sanibel resident do their part and keep roads open to all of the repair vehicles that are on island cleaning up the vegetation and trees, hooking up electric, getting cable and Internet back up and running, and all the other services here helping us get back on track. A little patience and courtesy goes a long way, he reminds us.

Restaurants have reopened, hotels and other vacation spots are ready to welcome their customers and life is getting back to normal.

So get out of the house this weekend and mingle with friends and family at your favorite gathering places and enjoy the great company and beautiful weather once again.

And don’t forget to give thanks that we were as lucky as we were.

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